Seeking A Nation - A Warrior's Journey

The Xinghao of the North: Ruling the northern lands are the fiery and hot-tempered Xinghao, electing fire as their element of choice in their stake for global domination through brute force and all-out assault tactics.

The Kolau of the East: On the eastern continent lie the educated minds of the Kolau, specializing in military strategy and precision in the art of battle, with the fluidity of decisions mirrored by their chosen water element.

The Suinghe of the West: To the west are the Suighe who have made it their specialty in defensive formations and outwearing any foe that stands against them, much like the earth element chosen to embody their nation.

The Hiakang of the South: Populating the southern islands are the Hiakang, known for their slippery persona of evading enemy excursions entirely and striking with tremendous speed, as does the air element chosen to signify them.

Decision time

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