Seeking A Nation - A Warrior's Journey

     News of the recent happenings of the world, in regards to oncoming war between nations, have reached your ears in the farthest corner of the world, awakening your warrior's spirit and encouraging action. You have spent many years in the wilderness with only yourself to depend on, honing your skills as a prodigy warrior of the times and training your art as if it were a keen blade. Your days as a self-removed hermit are over, and your desire to influence the molding of the world has never been stronger. The journey will be harsh as you make your way to the capital to petition and offer your services, but your resolve shall be unbreakable. The only choice now is where to cast your allegiance and if success shall be the fruit of your travels.

Nation Descriptions

Which nation do you yearn to join?
The Xinghao of the NorthThe Kolau of the East
The Suinghe of the WestThe Hiakang of the South

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