Seeking A Nation - A Warrior's Journey

     Turning away from where you lost sight of the old man, you make your way slowly towards the palace with the sky turning a murky black, weaving your way through crowds until you reach the entryway of the palace. Letting a guard know of your intentions, the armed soldier heads off for a short while before returning and explaining that the king was in the middle of an audience with an important visitor, and that you would have to wait to see him. After the long walk to the base of the mountain, followed by the dull rambling of the old man during the ride up to the capital city, your body is aching and ready to embrace rest wholeheartedly, especially with night already fallen.

What will you do now?
Wait until the king is free for an audienceAttempt to sneak into the palace
Seek out a place to stay for the nightBarge in on the king's private audience

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