Seeking A Nation - A Warrior's Journey

     Looking over the series of logs standing on end in front of you on the raised platform, you quickly sprint forward at the sound of the gong, moving with speed and agility over each of the precarious stepping logs. Your surefooted landings reminiscent of a deer help to bring you to the end of the course with time to spare, your victory showing with a bright smile before you hear a clapping nearby seemingly out of thin air. Turning, you spy a regal figure dressed in light ornate garb, welcoming you to the capital as the monarch of Hiakang. After complimenting you on your sprint through the log course, he lightly remarks that you would be of use as the commander of a special ambush unit he is preparing for the upcoming war, and your affirmative response is all it takes to start your military career with the Hiakang.

Hiakang Emblem


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