Life, this yoke around my neck
It is the cross I bear
These are the shoes I wear
the tears that I cry
holding my hand crossing me over into this valley of death.
Only to live a day as long
Less the sleepless nights
and shouldering this grace with penance
while walking into the birthplace of new thoughts.

Misery stocks the darkness of night
Channeling fears and sparking new lights
Cast dark shadow deem light night
Tears of sorrow loom so bright
For in my mind I carry my tithes that ten percent
and shouldering this grace with penance
and despite what appears endless
I remain focus on this clandestine journey.

I hardly had a chance to open my eyes
when suddenly I realized
this world was not made for me
and with my mind and body warn
another child was born
continue on this life journey
and only for a moment
do I sit and wonder about our destinies.