I was eleven years old the first time I met HER.

I can still remember how that day began. I was cooking in the kitchen with mama in my old home town in Memphis. The year was 1922....


"Jesse dear, could you hand me the salt?"

"What are you cooking mama?"

"Oh, just broiling potatoes for now. You like potatoes donít you Jess?"

"I guess."

"That reminds me, I want you to come with me to greet the new neighbors. You know they moved in just two houses down. I hear the family has a child about your age. Why donít we make them somethiní nice and bring it over to them huh Jess?"

"Do I have to go mama?"

"Yes you do young man.Now run along and fetch your nice clothes please Jesse dear. Iíll have lunch ready for you when you get back."

"Yes maíam."