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N e w a r k   R e v i e w   3 . 0  -  2 0 1 2

C A L L      F O R         W O R K

Newark Review 3.0 is seeking submissions BY ANYONE from now until the end of April. Reinvented last year by NJIT students and faculty, Newark Review 3.0 annually reappears as an all-encompassing Web-based forum for digital creativity and research. Areas of interest to the project, now coordinated by Humanities professor Chris Funkhouser, include: writing (all forms), video, sound, animation, multimedia, digital artwork, photojournalism, gaming, and software. The website, now available at http://harp.njit.edu/~newrev/3.0, is envisioned as an open resource for electronic and multimedia artists and writers seeking a venue through which to circulate their work.

For more information or to contribute materials, please contact the project coordinators via newrev@njit.edu