Tommy Hackett was an old friend I grew up with in Memphis.He was the all American boy. The most I remember about Tommy was the fact that he conquered every and anything that came his way. He was great at sports, academics and was the best worker at the Memphis Mill. I was always just average, but Tommy would always take me under his wing. He was four months older than I was, therefore I considered him my older brother. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


"I think I might have injured my knee."

"Oh come on Jess, you have to toughen up my friend. Can't be a panzy forever."

"Easy for you to say Tom, you made three home runs, not to mention the five other run assistances."

"It's simple when you put logic into it. Not that your bad, I couldn't have made that last out without your help. You simply need to pace yourself."


"Or maybe you were too busy thinking about Laura!"

"No I was completely focused on the game!"

"Sure you were."

He rubbed my head roughly with his knuckles, the way brothers do when they are being silly. A couple of months later we were drafted and those fun-loving baseball days were over...forever.